Redgate invests $10M into DevOps solutions through Flyway

A UK based database development solutions is financing the ongoing expansion of the biggest cross-platform database migration tool with a $10 million investment.

Redgate will be funding Flyway in a plan to help developers include the database in DevOps, no matter what type of database they are working on. The move is happening in the belief that evolving databases is key to DevOps success.

Despite many companies already adopting DevOps practices, database development can often hinder progression, which is why the two businesses are coming together to tackle this issue.

Who are the companies?

Based in Cambridge, Redgate is a software company that develops tools for data professionals and developers.

Whilst Flyway is an open source migration tool known for Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Amazon Redshift. The company has experienced over 23 million free downloads since its creation as an open source project (that worked under open source software, like MySQL Compare) and say they will continue to have free downloads under the open source Apache v2 license.

What the move means

The venture will allow Redgate to move beyond database DevOps for SQL server to new database platforms.

Alex Fontaine, Flyway’s original founder, will be working alongside the development team at Redgate to foster the new tool. He says: “Redgate has years of experience in the database market and also has the resources to further develop and enhance Flyway many times faster than I can. This will make both the community and the commercial editions better for everyone.”

Whilst Galbraith, CEO and Co-Founder of Redgate,  comments: “We’ve spent the last five years developing a portfolio of SQL Server tools that enable developers to include the database in DevOps, and we want to give those same advantages to every developer on any platform. With Flyway, we’ve just taken a huge leap forward in that direction.”

Flyway will still offer free downloads

Because of the high percentage of businesses still using Flyway, they will keep on focusing on extending and strengthening its range of SQL Server tools.

“Our work on the SQL Server platform is the foundation for everything we do. The Flyway acquisition now opens the door to seeing where that knowledge can be used to develop tools for other database platforms, based on what works best with SQL Server first.” Galbraith, explains.