Redgate helps Blue Turtle introduce software capabilities

With help from Redgate, Blue Turtle Technologies has introduced its database development and deployment tools to customers and resellers.

Since the partnership, Redgate has been advising Blue Turtle Technologies on installation and customisation of its software, as well as training.

Both companies enable other firms to introduce advanced development practices like using DevOps “faster and easier”.

‘A wealth of experience’

Cass Lloyd, Redgate’s partner manager, said: “This is our first partner in the region, and we’re excited to have Blue Turtle on board.

“As more and more enterprises move to DevOps to speed up the deployment of changes, updates, and improvements, they can no longer afford for the database to be the bottleneck.

“Blue Turtle has a wealth of experience supporting their customers in application development, and the partnership with Redgate puts them in a unique position to extend the support to include the database alongside the application.”

Written by Leah Alger