Redgate creates another DevOps opportunity in Europe

UK based database and DevOps solution company,  Redgate Software, has announced the opening of a new office in Berlin.

The organisation hopes that the move will bring them closer to a European customer base and be able to offer more personal service by being physically closer to clients.

Redgate already has offices in Pasadena and Austin in the US, and late last year, the company also opened an office in Brisbane, Australia.

The main aim of the company, which has been named in Fortune 100, is to provide database development solutions for the growing DevOps community. The DevOps solution company also recently developed a partnership in Latin America as well as acquiring Flyway, an open source cross-platform database migration tool.

Berlin and the software industry

Fresh research from Kickstand and PSM&W suggests that Berlin is the fastest-growing centre for technology in Europe. A fund of €436 million is even available to start-ups for early-stage funding. This reflects on Germany currently counting for a quarter of the total software market value.

According to German business advisory, Gruenden, a new enterprise is founded every 20 minutes in Berlin. This could range from the creation of a new healthcare app to the start-up of the latest fin-tech company.

Cassi Roper, VP of Sales at Redgate spoke of her excitement of opening a new office in the German capital. She says, “In technology terms, Berlin is the most exciting place to be in Europe right now. A lot of our existing German customers are in the capital, talented people are being drawn to it, and it gives us easy access to other important countries in Europe.”

Spreading DevOps

Although the new office will start with just 5 members of staff, Redgate hopes this will quickly grow.

The database company believes that the move to Berlin will encourage DevOps to spread across wider parts of Europe.