Public cloud industry to grow in the coming years

A recent report from Gartner revealed that the public cloud industry will grow significantly in the coming years and will account for more than 45% of all enterprise IT spending by 2026.

Indeed, the impact of the pandemic help drive digital innovation and adoption of cloud services all over the world, and especially through the use of remote work and digital services to support the hybrid workforce. Thus, the cloud has shown its resiliency, scalability, flexibility, and speed during disruptions and uncertainty.

The report stated that it would likely increase the use of hybrid, multi-cloud, and edge services, which will eventually lead to new distributed cloud models. These would then be used for public-sector initiatives, smart factories, smart cities, as well as mobile banking.

Moreover, it was noted that data centers, cloud infrastructure, and platform services (CIPS0 will also modernize and keep on playing a vital role. The report predicts the broader implementation of fully managed and AI/ML-enabled cloud services from hyperscale CIPS providers that will help eliminate the operational burden of traditional I&O roles in the public cloud.