Privacy management technology usage is on the rise

IAPP and TrustArc address data privacy and protection challenges, both companies found that privacy management technology usage is on the rise across all regions and that privacy teams have a significant influence on purchasing decisions for eight of the ten technology categories surveyed.

“This global survey is critical in our efforts to better understand how privacy professionals are addressing compliance challenges and the technologies that are being deployed now and in the near future,” said Chris Babel, CEO of TrustArc.

Addressing privacy challenges

“Though security budgets remain larger, we’re seeing a marked shift in privacy teams’ influence over technology purchasing decisions. This trend confirms what we’re seeing among our customers – that they have a growing need for technology solutions to help them manage privacy compliance at scale on a global basis.”

The key survey finding was that EU GDPR and other global and domestic legal reforms, combined with technological advancements, have made the task of operationalising privacy and data protection vastly more complicated.

This is no wonder, as businesses now must account for how data is entering the organisation, how it is being used, what permissions are attached to it and who has the responsibility for managing it. To address these challenges, the demand for privacy technology has increasingly grown.

Privacy software

According to 24% of survey respondents, data mapping and flow technologies are most useful for securing data while 21% of respondents, differently, prefer using personal data discovery tools.

In regards to privacy programme assessment and management software, 33% of organisations also said they had purchased or implemented it, while 32% of respondents said they are planning to purchase this technology in the future.

To conduct the survey, TrustArc and the IAPP surveyed more than 300 privacy professionals in the US, EU, UK and Canada.

Written by Leah Alger