Pivotal, VMware and Google combine containers

Pivotal, VMware and Google have designed a service to simplify the deployment of containers on Pivotal, VMware and Google Cloud Platform.

With more enterprises running applications in lightweight containers, Vmware has rallied Google and Pivotal to simplify deploying container-based applications in a multi-cloud environment.

The three companies spoke about the Pivotal Container Service (PKS) at VMworld 2017, explaining how it uses Kubernetes container orchestration platform, which deploys and manages Kubernetes cluster on any cloud.

VMware spokesperson said to Computer Weekly: “PKS will help operation teams deliver a hardened, maintainable container platform, while giving developers on-demand access to a production-ready environment featuring high availability, security, and multi-tenancy across private and public clouds.”

PDK also gives mid-sized and large enterprises the ability to deploy containers in VMware, vSphere, and is preconfigured for the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), allowing developers to take advantage of GCP services like Spanner, BigQuery and Machine Learning.

Gary Chen, research manager at IDC, said to Computer Weekly: “IDC research shows that most enterprises are seeking a commercially supported Kubernetes solution and PKS has VMware, Pivotal and Google lined up to support it.”

VMware NSX will also power cross-cloud security and network connectivity, including container network services.

Written by Leah Alger