Pittsburgh to upgrade its IT infrastructure with Google Cloud

It was recently reported that Pittsburgh started a partnership with Google to develop a four-year plan to migrate the city’s IT infrastructure to the cloud to decrease costs and enhance the delivery of services. The project will be led by the City of Pittsburgh Department of Innovation and Performance.

In order to do so, the city will use its modern infrastructure to build new data analytics tools for smart city projects and new customer-facing applications. After using Google Cloud in 2020, the city realized that it could partner with Google to develop a more cloud-focused approach to service delivery, leading then to implement Google Cloud for the rest of the on-premises applications.

Hence, Google helped the city by identifying a path to realistically migrate the infrastructure to the cloud in a short time. For this, it will first move IT tools and applications to monitor and manage the infrastructure, before migrating compute and storage capacity into the cloud. Finally, there will be lifting and shifting of applications from on-premises to the cloud.

This collaboration will not only add value for the city but will also provide training and certifications for city staff so that they are ready to manage the new services.

Therefore, this project will offer many opportunities to reimagine how to better serve the citizens of Pittsburgh.