PGA Tour to partner with AWS for an enhanced experience

It was recently announced that the PGA Tour has chosen Amazon Web Services (AWS) to be its official cloud provider, and will start using artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning, and machine learning (ML).

Indeed, following this partnership, the PGA Tour will be looking to migrate its archives and annotate it. Amazon S3 will then be used to develop a data lake, where insights can be found and a stream will be built for live footage from future tournaments.

Moreover, the PGA Tour will use AWS media services to offer video content for televised event coverage quicker and in better quality, as well as OTT streaming for online viewers. This will also feature the introduction of a new feature where fans will be able to change their viewing perspective thanks to alternate camera angles and navigation.

Therefore, this partnership aims to give a unique experience to fans, by giving them real-time access to events.