Perfecto reveals trends in recent DevOps report


Perfecto, a cloud based platform for web, mobile and IoT software testing revealed in a recent report ‘The Path to Releasing Confidently in DevOps,’ key practices that boost mobile app teams and enterprise web.

In a bid to attain efficient high velocity software development, the report found the average developer spends less than 5-10% of their time writing code; high performance teams release software to production 2-3 times per week; while low performers tend to release in large batches closer to once per quarter and high performance teams are 2 times more likely to receive early user interface (UI) feedback than mid-performance and low-performance teams.

Perfecto also announced that developers who deliver value to production users also tend to embed quality into all software stages at the delivery lifecycle, as high velocity software delivery is delivering frequently requires confidence in app quality.
“We’ve found that the average developer spends less than 50% of their time writing code,” said Carlo Cadet, Director of Product Marketing at Perfecto.

“What is perhaps most surprising is that high performance dev teams do not spend any more or less time coding than their peers. Instead, high performance teams spend 5 to 10% less time on overhead tasks like admin and waste and 5% more time writing tests. This greater focus on quality helps deliver value more successfully. Embedding quality into all stages of the software delivery lifecycle is a difference maker.”

The report consists of 478 respondents from development professionals, which was created from 6 February 2017 to 20 March 2017.

Written from press release by Leah Alger