Paytm launches AI cloud computing platform

Paytm has announced the launch of its artificial intelligence (AI) cloud computing platform.

The platform offers developers, startups and enterprises business-centric apps and high-quality solutions for hassle-free cloud computing, automated workflows, easy payments, messaging and customer engagement.

“Every new-age organisation needs better collaboration and workflow automation tools to become more productive and efficient. Paytm AI cloud packages all these into one; saving organisations time, money and resources, so they are able to better focus on building products that change the world,” said Sujit Kumar Mishra, Vice President, Paytm, in a press release.

“At Paytm we have always ensured the highest standards of customer data privacy and security. Our customer’s data is processed and stored locally in India with no access to any third party or investors.”

The digital payments company also said in a statement that Paytm AI cloud processes and stores all their consumer data locally in servers located only in India while conforming to the highest security and privacy standards.

Written by Leah Alger