OutSystems customers ‘take advantage of advanced integrations’

OutSystems announced its customers are taking advantage of advanced integrations to add artificial intelligence, machine learning and IoT capabilities to enterprise applications, built with its low-code platform.

According to OutSystems, firms are applying cognitive learning and analytics capabilities to its data gathered from devices and sensors; discovering insights and information they aren’t aware they have.

The integrations are available as connectors in the Forge; the repository where developers from the OutSystems Community share and upload open-source solutions that speed application delivery.

The connectors work with leading machine learning and IoT platforms from IBM Watson, Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services and Amazon Web Services Machine Learning and IoT.

By using IoT and AI to optimise the schedule and route planning for residential and commercial waste bin collection, ISB Global is disrupting the waste collection industry, enabling the determination of when the bin will reach the maximum fill level and to define the optimal collection time.

ISB Global developed an advanced app to read IoT-enabled bin fill levels on a set interval, process the data, and forecast the future fill rates, using OutSystems.

“We’re really in the dawn of a new age that will transform how we gather, analyse, interact with, and learn from the massive amounts of data all around us, thanks to recent advances in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. This will impact everything from how businesses improve their bottom line to how we shop and get to work,” said João Tedim, cloud and enterprise BG lead at Microsoft, Portugal.

“Leveraging the power of AI in our BEAT application has massively reduced both the time and cost of reviewing call records. This is a game-changer,” added Rui Vaz, partner with Deloitte.

Written from press release by Leah Alger