OutSystems highlights critical gaps in app development

The demand for app development is at an all-time high, with the number of applications slated for delivery being larger than ever.

Following this, a report by OutSystems found that 42% of IT professionals plan to deliver 10 or more apps by the end of the year, with a further 21% hoping to deliver more than 25.

Half of those respondents admitted that it can take 5 months or more to deliver 1 web or mobile application.

Agile tools and services

Furthermore, the report found that only 32% of respondents app development backlogs have improved this year, although only 65% of respondents have a backlog.

Despite the high demand for both agile and DevOps practices, both are slow to mature according to the report, with only 60% of organisations investing in agile and DevOps tools and services.

DevOps maturity

Another critical industry concern was that, out of the 40% of organisations who said they invested in DevOps tools and services during the past year, their DevOps maturity was described as somewhere between “just starting” and “fundamental”.

“Our 2018 research makes it clear – IT departments are at a crisis point when it comes to digital transformation and application development,” said Steve Rotter, CMO at OutSystems in a press release.

“The high failure rate of digital transformation projects, increasing project backlogs, and the scarcity of developer talent are critical concerns.”

OutSystems survey was conducted by more than 3,500 IT professionals in all industries across the world.

Written by Leah Alger