Organizations to be facing major challenges in their cloud migration strategy

It was recently found out that most organizations are thinking of changing their cloud migration strategy due to challenges.

Indeed, a study by Adapt showed that the share of IT storage and processing performed by public cloud environments will rise to 47% by 2023 due to the digital transformation happening during the pandemic. However, this quick move to cloud environments led to a new set of challenges that business leaders hadn’t expected.

The most important challenges found during cloud migration are dealing with legacy systems and applications, architectural challenges, compliance issues, lack of internal cloud expertise, data security, cost of migration, and ongoing operations. Due to a lack of planning, organizations are rethinking their strategy.

It was stated that around 18% of organizations are now using more than five public cloud environments while 9% are moving workload back from the public cloud. Businesses are becoming frustrating by the complexity of multi-cloud environments, which need more investments and experts to manage.

It was also found out that productivity tools, customer apps, collaboration tools, mission-critical IT applications, and data storage are expected to consume 62% of cloud workloads by 2023. It is then vital that cloud providers recognize the complexity of their multi-cloud environments and try to work cooperatively with other vendors to give organizations a better view of their assets.