Oracle’s hospitality analytics to boost faster profits

A new data science cloud service has been created by Big Red’s Hospitality, which includes the Oracle Hospitality Menu Recommendations Cloud Service.

Oracle’s incentive approach is to allow customers to tap into its cloud analytics WYLFWTaaS (Would-You-Like-Fries-With-That-as-a-Service) which advices hospitality staff of the best offers when ordering alcohol or food, or when checking into a hotel, in a bid to make profit faster.

The offering plans to let multi-outlet hospitality organisations “see the best possible up-sell or cross-sell options by location or time of day, with recommendations dynamically updating based on customer behaviour. Assumptions around cross-sells and up-sells can be analysed, leading to better understanding of guest behaviour and preferences,” according to The Register.

The technology company also created an Oracle Hospitality Adaptive Forecasts Cloud Service, which allows operators to predict labour and stock at every location, to help minimise labour costs and waste.

Written by Leah Alger