Open source software has become mainstream

The 2016 DevOps Pulse report is the first of its kind – a study published by that researches and captures important trends in IT operations and DevOps engineering.

The DevOps Pulse Report 2016

According to the report, some of the most significant findings include:

  • Open source software has become mainstream. 57% stated that they either       “heavily rely on open source” or “have an open source first culture.” Only 9% said that they do not rely on open source technology at all.
  • The open source ELK Stack is the top logging and monitoring platform compared to proprietary tools.
  • Cloud adoption is only getting started. 40% currently have one quarter or less of their infrastructure in the cloud.
  • Average salary range information for the United States segmented by experience level. Beginner DevOps engineers can earn up to $82,000 year.
  • Salary data segmented into five regions: the United States, western Europe, eastern Europe and Russia, Africa and the Middle East, and eastern Asia.
  • Despite the popularity of alert notification systems, 57% get alerts over e-mail.

The report has shown that the debate regarding the use of open source is over, as only 9% stated that they do not use open source technology at all within their work, and as the report says, that number will most likely drop more and more as time goes by and the popularity of open source technology increases. The open source platform, based off of the ELK stack, is becoming increasingly preferred over proprietary tools when monitoring metrics and taking care of log management.

Finally, transitioning to the cloud has been found to be much more difficult than transitioning to containers, and according to The DevOps Pulse 2016, the use of containers is more prevalent than the cloud. More than 40% of respondents have 25% or less of their infrastructure in the cloud. After all, moving to a public cloud brings up issues of security and more. But for those who do use the cloud, AWS is the most popular by far.

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Edited for web by Jordan Platt.