Ocucon partners with Google Cloud to store CCTV

Ocucon, a video surveillance company, is working in partnership with Google Cloud, to launch a service that will allow unlimited storage for CCTV recordings within the cloud.

The product will be designed to help companies investigate compensation claims for accidents on their premises.

The product could save British firms up to £800million in fraudulent accidents, because companies cannot effectively investigate and defend claims because they are usually able to store CCTV footage for only 30 days.

Gary Trotter, co-founder of Ocucon, said: “Any organisation that captured large amounts of CCTV data, including local authorities and transport companies, could benefit from the product.

“Typically, businesses are restricted to saving 30 days of surveillance footage purely because of the sheer scale of the data.

“However, the threat of litigation and fraudulent claims — many of which are received after 30 days has passed — has resulted in increasing numbers of businesses needing to store security footage for longer.”

Trotterer also noted Ocucon is the first cloud-based software system that processes and transmits unlimited amounts of CCTV footage into the cloud.

Written by Leah Alger