Non-business IoT devices to increase the risk of data breaches

A recent report by Palo Alto Networks revealed that using unapproved IoT devices within corporate networks increases the risk of a data breach.

Indeed, it was stated that the risks have been rising due to the large number of employees working from home who may have risky devices on their networks. By using these, it could allow attackers to move onto corporate systems.

There is then an urgent need for enterprise IT teams to better monitor threats and device access to networks. They also need to create a level of segmentation to safeguard remote employees as well as limit access to the organization’s most valuable assets.

Around 36% of Canadians declared that the shift to remote working has led to greater vulnerabilities from unsecured IoT devices on their organization’s business network, and 34% stated that it led to a rising number of IoT security incidents for their organization as well.

IoT adoption has become a critical business enabler, with many new security challenges that need to be handled responsibly for protecting networks.