Nokia to work with Google, AWS, and Microsoft to extend 5G and cloud services

It was recently announced that Nokia will partner with AWS, Microsoft, Google for 5G, and cloud services.

Indeed, it was reported that Nokia signed an agreement with AWS to collaborate on making Nokia’s 5G virtual RAN and open RAN technologies work with AWS Outposts. Their trials will take place at Nokia’s facilities in Finland.

Hence, this new collaboration will allow service providers and enterprises to use Nokia RAN technologies with other AWS services including Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS), and AWS Local Zones, among others.

Moreover, Nokia announced that it would also be starting a partnership with Microsoft Azure in order to develop 4G and 5G private wireless solutions for enterprises. Thus, Nokia will combine its mobile network technologies, such as open RAN, Radio Access Controller (RIC), and multi-access edge cloud with the Microsoft Azure Private Edge Zone.

Besides, Nokia will work to integrate its LTE/5G RAN technologies with Azure 4G/5G core so as to support enterprise use cases.

Furthermore, Nokia announced a final collaboration with Google Cloud to create new, cloud-based 5G radio solutions. Hence, they will be working on joining Nokia’s RAN edge cloud technologies and Google Cloud’s edge computing platform and applications ecosystem.