Nokia to launch new cloud charging solution on AWS

It was recently announced that Nokia will be deploying its cloud-native convergent charging solution on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Indeed, this new solution aims to speed up communications service providers (CSPs) migration of business-critical, high-frequency charging applications to the public cloud, as well as to deliver the benefits of the cloud for 5G. It will also enable CSPs to run workloads on AWS and pioneer monetization schemes so as to deploy business support systems (BSS) in the public cloud.

Moreover, Nokia Converged Charging (NCC) will seek to provide true continuous availability, supporting the high frequency, low latency demands of an always-on, real-time convergent charging system built for the 5G economy. Hence, this will enable CSPs to tap new revenue streams from 5G capabilities, such as differentiated pricing, network slicing, and flexible product offerings.

Therefore, the NCC’s architecture will be able to support CSPs at every step of their public cloud journey.