New study reveals the importance of data governance

A recent report by Quest revealed that more organisations are realising the importance of advanced data governance, with data security and data quality as the primary drivers.

Indeed, it was reported that 82% of organizations have for the most part aligned their data governance and data protection strategies. Besides, 85% of respondents said they were monitoring their databases and other data systems as part of their data governance programs. Yet, nearly three-quarters declared needing to significantly improve data infrastructure.

Hence, the study revealed that there is a major shift in the marketplace with the convergence of data governance, data operations, and data protection. It was noted then that traditional silos are decreasing due to organizations needing to give their front and back offices intelligence about their data assets and the systems that use and protect the data.

The reasons to implement data governance remain largely unchanged, with analytics, regulatory compliance, and better decision-making being on top. However, improved data security and data quality are slowly becoming the top data governance drivers in 2021.

It was showed that data governance has reached a new level of maturity, with 87% of organizations reporting they’ve established a data governance program or are in the process of implementing this key tenet of modern business in 2021.

The survey also stated that 84% of organizations believe their data represents the best opportunity for gaining a competitive advantage during the next 12 to 24 months. Yet, it noted that in order to reach ‘data nirvana,’ they need to free the experts from data burdens and empower more people to access and analyze data with confidence.