New report reveals the digital transformations challenges for Salesforce teams in 2020

A new report by Copado provides insight into the DevOps practices that are used to improve and accelerate the speed and quality of Salesforce customers’ implementation, leading to high-performing organizations.

According to the study, it was found out that the pandemic had an important effect on development teams, which led to an acceleration in digital transformations. Indeed, 82% of respondents declared having increased their budget or effort towards digital transformation while 53% have exceeded their performance goals for the year and 82% have increased or maintained the size of their Salesforce development teams.

Moreover, it was stated that elite performers outshine greatly low performers, with 30x shorter lead times, 46x more frequent deployments, 5x lower change failure rate, and 37x shorter time to restore. Elite performing teams are revealed to be 65% more likely to practice continuous integration than low performing teams.

However, the report warns that the gap between elite and low performers might become steadily greater in the future.

Furthermore, the research found out that 81% of respondents declared to expected system integrators to help define DevOps processes for their company as part of the engagement, and 73% to use at least one commercial Salesforce development tool.

Besides, 53% of respondents said that it was relatively easy to find people who are skilled in Salesforce DevOps.

The report also highlighted that software delivery performance declined and system stability suffered in 2020 as more people took on more projects, more apps, and shifted to remote work. Hence, this showed the importance of the gap in automated quality controls and the struggle to adjust to a virtual world.