New low-code factory helps ‘citizen developers’ make apps

Software company, Pegasystems, has launched their new Enterprise Low-Code Factory – a centralised dashboard that allows any employee to be a developer and quickly create enterprise software that’s compliant with company standards – giving anyone the freedom to build software while handing the controls over to IT to ensure consistency.

This new product also corrects the unintended consequences of many low-code app makers unknowingly spinning up shadow IT issues, like security flaws, software updating gaps, work duplication, and organisational silos. Organic low code adoption might be sustainable for small companies, but it’s hard for large organisations to effectively scale without guardrails in place to prevent IT chaos.

Part of the Pega Platform low-code development environment, Enterprise Low-Code Factory combines the elements needed for enterprise app building for all employees, in a centralised dashboard, including:

  • Tools: users of all experience levels can start fast with pre-defined templates to build apps that are quick to deploy, up to date, and easy to change. Pega makes app building collaborative between the maker, IT, and other stakeholders – ensuring a transparent process with a continuous feedback loop
  • Guardrails: the Factory has the guardrails to ensure quality and compliance. The ‘Request to Build’ button generates a simple business case for the company-defined governance team. Stakeholders control approvals over which apps get released, what features to include, how ‘enterprise-ready’ they are, who gets to use them, and who can make changes. These guardrails scale as app functionality evolves over time
  • Education: learn how to build simple apps or complex software. Factory users can bolster skills with supporting educational resources.

Enterprise Low-Code Factory is scheduled to be available by the end of Q3 2019 for Pega Platform customers with current support contracts.

The Pega Platform low-code app development environment leverages digital process automation (DPA), including AI and robotics, to drive business processes and customer journeys from end to end. Pega unifies these back-end processes with its customer engagement applications on the front end to enable businesses to provide customer experiences on any channel.

Don Schuerman, CTO and vice president, product marketing, Pegasystems, said: “Enterprise Low-Code Factory encompasses three decades of learning from model-driven application development so businesses can immediately roll out low code organisation-wide.

“Whether you’re a businessperson, developer, or designer, you now have the potential to become a maker within your own organisation to create applications that innovate. At the same time, IT managers can rest easy knowing they can balance control and collaboration through repeatable governance processes.”