New Google features for remote collaboration

Google’s G Suite has been rebranded as Google Workplace in order to further unify Gmail, Meet and Chat as well as introducing new features. This was done to strengthen its workplace productivity tools and align its software suite during this time of remote work and virtual collaboration.

Google Workspace contains Google Cloud’s popular enterprise products with new features to reinforce its chat and videoconferencing tools. It is reported that more than 2.6 billion users now use Google Workplace.

The goal was to make Google Workspace a great collaboration and communications experience. With the crisis the world is facing, there is a need for teams to thrive without meeting physically and use their time to focus on the most important work, thus building connection in different ways.

Google Workspace allows people to have a fully integrated user experience that can thrive no matter the work environment. This new update hopes to be the home for remote businesses and aims to strengthen Google’s tools within the virtual office with the new features designed to boost collaboration, productivity, and human connection.

By bringing Gmail, Meet and Chat into a unified interface, teams are now able to launch picture-in-picture chat while collaborating on a Doc, Sheet, or Slide, as well as create and edit documents from a Chat room without switching tabs. This aspires to bring a more human element to remote work and making it easier to collaborate with other people.

Moreover, Google Workspace adds link previews and ‘smart chips’ to provide contact details and suggested actions when users mention someone within a document.

At the moment, Google Workspace is available to all G Suite’s customers, but Google will be bringing it to the education and non-profit customers in the next few months.