New DevOps integration hub to support large-scale DevOps transformations

To help enable organisations to benefit from a connected, end-to-end software delivery lifecycle, Tasktop has announced advancements to its Tasktop Sync and Tasktop Data solutions.

According to Tasktop CEO Mik Kersten, “The biggest impediment to large-scale DevOps transformations is the lack of integration between the tools that define the delivery lifecycle. Enterprise developers, managers, testers and the operations team are all tracking their work in different disconnected systems. Different still are the automation tools used within a DevOps practice. This makes it impossible to scale DevOps deployments from a core team of 50 to a team of 5000 stakeholders.”

Tasktop has solved this DevOps scalability problem with its new release. The new capability allows organisations to automate the connection between their DevOps automation tools and their lifecycle management tools, providing enterprise organisations with an end-to-end DevOps Integration Hub.

A full-lifecycle DevOps initiative

Organisations adopting a full-lifecycle DevOps initiative need visibility to all aspects of their software development and delivery capability. Tasktop’s synchronisation and lifecycle data federation have enabled this for the leading Agile, ALM and SDLC deployments.

However, organisations are now deploying a very broad range of DevOps automation tools like CI, CD and test automation; analysis tools like code review and static code analysis; and monitoring tools like APM products.

The new Gateway capability allows all of these tools to be added to the entire range of agile and ALM, PPM and ITSM tools, enabling unprecedented visibility across the entire lifecycle – and doing so without resorting to very brittle and unreliable point-to-point integrations that make scaling DevOps deployments difficult or impossible.

“These enhancements will provide greater visibility into our delivery value stream by giving us access to data across our entire lifecycle,” said a Fortune 100 Tasktop customer. “This information will drive faster delivery capabilities, which are foundational to any DevOps initiative.”


Edited from press release by Cecilia Rehn.