New Amazon Web Services announced

A series of new Amazon Web Services (AWS) was announced at the company’s AWS Summit in New York.

Vice president of cloud architecture at AWS, Adrian Crockfort, revealed that many organisations are moving their entire data centres to the cloud.

Migration hub

When announcing its new AWS Migration Hub, Crockfort said: “The migration hub simplifies and accelerates discovery and migrations from data centres to the cloud.”

According to eWeek, the new migration hub includes: discovery, server and database migration, and tracking and management features for companies looking to move to the public cloud.

Glue service

General manager of Artificial Intelligence at AWS, Matt Wood, said: “The key challenge for many organisations and data scientists is loading and transforming data from one source to another so it can benefit from machine learning models.”

Wood then announced the new AWS Glue service, which provides “managed extract, transforms and load capabilities”. He then explained how Glue properly extracts data, so it can be used in machine learning and data analytics processes.

Macie service

Wood then revealed AWS’s new Macie service, which uses machine learning to discover potential sensitive information automatically through AWS services that are publicly exposed: “The machine learning model in Macie will continuously scan for sensitive data in shared content, including publicly available Amazon S3 storage instances to help organisations understand where sensitive information is stored and shared.”

Amazon’s new web services are to help prevent future breaches, through reporting multiple incidents and making private information publicly available.

Written by Leah Alger