NCAA announces partnership with Google Cloud

On Tuesday, the National College Athletic Association (NCAA) announced its partnership with Google Cloud Platform, CBS Sports and Turner Sports.

The partnership will see the NCAA’s history of sports move to Google Cloud with machine learning tools and analytics.

The NCAA has a massive amount of information in its archives, with more than 80 years of game data across 24 sports and 19,000 teams.

Analytics and technology

Dan Gavitt, NCAA senior vice president for basketball, said to Forbes: “Partnering with a brand that is without reproach and an expert in their field at a worldwide level is so exciting.

“It helps change many of the things we hope to accomplish in analytics and technology.”

With the NCAA’s team and game data on Google’s cloud, fans will get the opportunity to watch games and compare how teams perform in certain conditions.

‘Helping with fan experience’

Tariq Shaukat, Google Cloud’s president of global alliances and industry platforms, added: “It’s an opportunity that doesn’t come around all that often.

“We think it will substantially help with operations and the fan experience, and we think it’s a wonderful show-versus-tell opportunity.”

Written by Leah Alger