Myriota teams with Optus Business to bring IoT to telecoms

Myriota, a low-cost and low-power Internet of Things start-up company, has just signed a deal with telecoms company, Optus Business in the hopes of updating mobile connectivity in Australia.

The IoT firm is known for its work using satellite connectivity, enabling it “to retrieve data from anywhere on earth,”.

Whilst Optus Business is successful in assisting businesses with telecommunication needs, including connectivity and providing insights to small businesses.

The plan

The organisations plan to bring to market higher levels of connectivity for customers with no extra charge. They want to offer direct satellite connectivity from Myriota and potentially add both 4G and 5G through dual SIM NBIoT connectivity.

Both companies hope to offer the same mobile price plan for customers.

“Previously, satellite connectivity has not been available or affordable for businesses with remote assets, but nanosatellites are providing a more attainable and affordable solution,” Myriota CEO and co-founder Dr Alex Grant said.

Grant continued, “By combining Optus’ national networks with our nanosatellite capability, we are able to offer a truly holistic IoT solution and help solve connectivity issues being faced in regional Australia.”

Previous partnerships

This is not the first time the IoT firm has collaborated on a project. Last year, Myriota worked with the Australian Institute of Marine Science. This involved using satellites in Low Earth Orbits (LEO) to trial ocean drifters.

“Because they connect to LEO satellites, they avoid issues like coverage dropouts and connectivity issues that come from using traditional mobile phone networks,” AIMS technology development team leader Melanie Olsen said.

As part of Series A funding, Myriota also managed to raise AUS $15 million early last year to help with projects and business ventures.