Multicloud to edge firm celebrates 70% business growth

NoSQL database company Couchbase has announced it has seen record growth in the first half of fiscal year 2020.

As part of the growth, the database organisation say they have experienced 100% increase in total contract value, 55% billings growth and a 50% rise in average deal sizes.

Increased drive and innovation

The firm claims the progress is driven by product innovation and a rise in demand for data solutions that are able to handle IoT, mobile and internet applications at scale. It also believes the growth is due to a rise in the adoption of its multicloud to edge NoSQL database along with the company’s use of strategic partnerships.

Overall, this has led to a 70% increase in business, the oraganisation says.

Couchbase has also expanded its print in global tech by opening offices in Manchester and San Francisco to accommodate its increasing work force.

“Continued Focus”

Matt Cain, President and CEO of Couchbase has commented on the good news. He says: “The first half of our fiscal 2020 demonstrates our continued focus and commitment to all of these areas as we accelerate growth of our technical innovation, our customer base, and our talent. Couchbase has been uniquely architected to enable the most business-critical applications for the largest enterprises in the world.  No other database in the market can match our capabilities. The momentum we’ve built so far this year underscores this reality.”

To celebrate the success, Couchbase closed its largest single new logo to date and also added multiple new logos to a range of new and existing customers.