Multi-cloud DevOps toolbox released

Late last year, MODAClouds €9 million project, partially funded by the European Commissions’ FP7 Cooperation in ICT program, concluded. The project resulted in the release of MODACloud’s DevOps Toolbox for Multi-Clouds.

The multi-cloud DevOps toolbox

The developed toolbox allows organisations that have integrated DevOps to identify the right clouds for their applications based on business considerations. The toolbox also allows DevOps solutions to support its users in defining the architecture of their application, Quality of Service (QoS) requirements and any technological constraints, as well as supporting execution, monitoring, SLA management, and automatic and intelligent runtime reconfiguration of the application.

The result of the research project

As a result of the project, MODAClouds launched the MultiClouds Alliance, which is an initiative established to promote and evolve technologies on multi-clouds, DevOps and business-driven QoS.

Membership to the initiative is available for organisations willing to participate in the promotion and development of future technologies for multi-cloud scenarios.

Interested parties can sign up here.

The MultiClouds Alliance has already received mass support from firms such as CA Technologies, ATOS, Politecnico Di Milano. Other members of the consortium are within the relevant European academic and industry areas.

Marco Comastri, President of EMEA at CA Technologies said, “MODAClouds is further illustration of our commitment to help customers deploy, measure and ease the use of their cloud services. We are proud to engage on this European project with prestigious partners and with the support of the European Commission.”


Edited from press release by Jordan Platt.