Most businesses fail to protect their data in the cloud

It was recently reported that although cyberattacks are growing significantly since the beginning of the pandemic, most organizations don’t know how to effectively protect their data.

Indeed, a report by Thales showed that 83% of businesses fail to encrypt at least half of the sensitive data they store in the cloud. Even those who do encrypt it, make serious mistakes such as leaving the control keys to service providers.

Moreover, only 21% of organizations store the totality of their sensitive data in the cloud. Fortunately, most companies have accelerated their cloud adoption by three years compared to the beginning of the pandemic. More of them are using cloud-based solutions and environments in which the data is used transactionally and supports day-to-day business operations.

Finally, it was found out that more than half of organizations use at least two cloud infrastructure providers, with 24% having the majority of their workloads and data in the cloud.