More security for DevOps

To address the security challenges in today’s era of agile development, Signal Sciences recently unveiled its web application firewall (WAF).

Signal Sciences was created with the mission of elevating security into a strategic tool that is relevant to all teams involved in creating product and shipping code, allowing engineers and DevOps to work both fast and securely.

Security in the age of cloud deployment and agile development

In the age of cloud deployment and agile development, security teams are struggling to protect the applications being created and modified at a relentlessly quickening pace.

A defensive strategy built on the assumption that it’s possible to review and fix code before it goes live is dying. Security teams need to monitor the state of their applications in real time.

Signal Sciences has combined a focus on visibility into the behaviour of attackers with a new approach to application protection to enable security teams to both respond to attacks as they happen and also prioritize their limited proactive time with a more accurate calculation of risk.

Bridging the gap between security teams, developers and other departments

“Agile development has changed the way enterprises release code, but until now, security technology has not kept up with the pace of innovation. Shocking as it sounds, the majority of businesses today don’t even know they have been hacked until they’re informed by someone else well after the fact,” said Andrew Peterson, CEO of Signal Sciences. “By being forced to take a radically new approach to web application security, we learned that you have to bridge the gap between security teams, developers and any other departments that need to be aware of a company’s security issues to enable teams to confidently move at the speed they need to succeed.”

“Signal Sciences has given us confidence in our application security posture especially for current and future acquisitions. Their architecture and install process make it seamless to start receiving real-time attack telemetry so that we can prioritize our defensive efforts based on actual attacks,” said Vivek Raman, Engineering Manager at Yelp/Eat 24.

Industry support

As it launches publicly, Signal Sciences is already working with a range of customers, including Under Armour, Yelp/Eat 24, Chartbeat, Taser, Shutterstock, Duo Security and more. Along with the public launch of the company, Signal Sciences is disclosing a 2015 Series A funding round of US$9.7 million, led by Index Ventures.


Edited from press release by Cecilia Rehn.