More cybersecurity awareness is needed in organisations

A recent survey from Armis revealed that organisations should focus more on cybersecurity awareness in order to protect their infrastructure better.

Indeed, it was reported that many professionals were not aware of the recent cyberattacks in the US and did not realize the important impact these could have on everyday life.

Besides, as people are slowly going back to the offices, many of them are planning on bringing their work-from-home devices back into the office and don’t believe their personal devices pose any threat to their organization. 27% of those surveyed also stated that their organisations don’t have any existing policies to secure both work and personal devices.

Hence, the report highlighted that most employees are not aware of significant cyberattacks and the impact they can have on their organisations. It is then vital that security awareness is tailored to what is relevant to the employees and delivered near time to them during incidents.

The study also emphasises the need to ensure that employees are given sufficient training, in how to identify malware-laced emails and other credential theft, so as to better fight cyber threats. By doing so, organizations can help maintain attentiveness for these practices long term.