More businesses moving to the cloud following the impact of the pandemic

A recent study by Devo Technology showed that 81% of businesses have accelerated their move to the cloud following the impact of the pandemic.

Indeed, many organizations stated their desire to move more than 75% of their apps/workload to the cloud while 86% of companies chose cloud options in their decision process for new applications. Besides, 40% of companies went for the cloud as their first option. The study thus highlighted that cloud is slowly becoming an ‘all-in’ business strategy.

Moreover, with the rapid shift to new infrastructure, significant issues of complexity and overload increased over the past year. Indeed, it was stated that the increased workload and security risks resulted in higher exposure. 60% of organizations also reported an increase in threat and attack complexity, which has led to weaknesses in legacy security toolsets.

Hence, this rapid move to the cloud has helped reduce these challenges as well as secure their infrastructure. Around 80% of organizations have then started to increase their spending on security for the cloud. By doing so, they have also implemented automated security processes to detect and respond to attacks on cloud workloads. Besides, more than 50% are now offering cloud security training, while 36% added security staff.

Therefore, around 90% of respondents believe that their organization’s public cloud security spending will increase over the next 12 months.