Montreal’s tourism agency to have been hit by cyber attack

It was recently reported that Montreal’s tourism agency was the victim of a cyber attack last month by the Karakurt hacking group.

Indeed, the agency became aware of the cybersecurity incident that happened on December 7th and an investigation was immediately launched to ensure the security and integrity of the systems. It is still working on identifying the data that has been affected and if the agency was compromised.

This was discovered after the hacking group listed the agency in a posting as one of 11 organizations allegedly recently compromised. Karakurt was first noticed in June 2021 and has been a growing threat ever since, with around 40 victims across multiple industries between September and November.

The hacking group only focuses on data exfiltration and extortion, threatening to release or sell stolen data unless it is paid. However, it is still not entirely clear what the group does with the stolen data.