Microsoft to address cloud antitrust complaints and be more open source

Following Microsoft’s cloud practices in Europe that were deemed anti-competitive, a coalition of tech firms has asked the company to address the antitrust complaints and make its off-premise portfolio open source.

Indeed, the concerns over the practices have prompted the European Commission’s antitrust authorities to end a questionnaire asking about Microsofts’ cloud-related licensing deals. It is believed that the tech giant is using its dominant position in certain software markets in order to foreclose completion regarding cloud computing services.

The coalition is made of more than 50 tech firms and non-profit organisations which are all speaking out against Microsoft and its cloud practices in Europe. Microsoft is then determined to take meaningful action on the complaints by adopting five pledges so as to shape its approach to doing business in Europe. The pledges will ensure that its public cloud meets Europe’s needs and values and that it will provide support for cloud providers through partnership and regulating technology.

This will help enhance transparency for the public and better support Europe’s technology needs, as well as ensure that European cloud providers could host more easily a wider variety of Microsoft products on their cloud infrastructure.