Microsoft Cloud receives 1.5 million hack attempts per day

Microsoft has revealed that Microsoft Cloud is under attack around 1.5 million times per day.

According to the tech giant, all those foiled attacks, along with data about the hundreds of billions of emails and other pieces of information that flow to and from Microsoft’s cloud computing data centres, are constantly being fed into the company’s intelligent security graph.

Its intelligent security graph is a large web of data which phishes scams from Nigeria and denial-of-service attacks from out of Eastern Europe, “thwarting one attack for one customer and applying that knowledge to every customer using products including the company’s Azure computing platform, Windows 10 operating system or Office 365 productivity service.”

Evolving threat landscape

Nevertheless, companies still rely on cloud service providers like Microsoft whose job is to keep data secure.

“It was only a few years ago when most of my customer conversations started with, ‘I can’t go to the cloud because of security, it’s not possible’. Now I have people, more often than not, saying, ‘I need to go to the cloud because of security,’” said Julia White, Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President for Azure and security on the company’s blog post.

The cloud has also allowed the company to create sophisticated tools to prevent increasingly cunning attacks.

Written by Leah Alger