Microsoft joins the Cloud Native Computing Foundation

Microsoft has recently joined the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) as a platinum member

CNCF is part of the Linux Foundation, which helps control its wide range of cloud-orientated open source projects.

Open source will be used to scale its software development, allowing researchers, customers and vendors to collaborate and share knowledge about solutions and problems; helping support communities by participating as code contributors.

Its cloud orientated open source projects include:
• Kubernetes: Microsoft has been contributing code to the Kubernetes project, as well as running Kubernetes as part of the Azure Container Service.
• Helm: The Helm project by Microsoft continues to be developed and improved by Microsoft engineers.
• Containerd: Microsoft engineers contribute code to expand containerd to Windows containers.
• gRPC: A universal, high-performance RPC framework, covering multiple languages such as Node.js, Java, Ruby, Go, and C#, planned to increase its participation.

John Gossman, the Architect at Azure, said on Microsoft’s website: “I strongly believe the power of open source derives from strong, diverse communities and that we have an obligation to support these communities by participating as code contributors and in the associated foundations and committees.”
Written by Leah Alger

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