Microsoft Build 2019 launches to embrace best DevOps practices

At its recent Microsoft Build 2019 conference in Seattle, Microsoft declared the launch of a series of undertakings the company will be making to enable organizations to embrace the latest DevOps practices.

This will including making it possible for orgs to address both continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) within the same YAML file using Azure Pipelines.

Microsoft also said it will be providing tighter integration between GitHub and Kubernetes via extending Azure Pipelines. With that integration, Azure Pipelines can be used to automate everything from generating Kubernetes deployment artifacts and deploying the workload to creating container images and packaging them.

Microsoft said it will also be launching the Kubernetes Event Driven Autoscaling (KEDA) project, making it possible to run Azure functions on top of Kubernetes clusters. Created in collaboration with Red Hat, KEDA is available in developer preview for the Red Hat OpenShift platform.

Microsoft will also extend the Azure IoT Edge runtime to Kubernetes – enabling Internet of Things applications to be deployed on Kubernetes and Azure SQL DB Edge.

Enablers of DevOps practices

Other launches announced by Microsoft include MLOps, which applies DevOps principles to deploy AI models using the Azure SQL Database Serverless GitOps workflow. This allows organizations to use database services on a per-second billing basis on the Azure cloud.

Other announcements included new collaboration and productivity services across apps and the web as well as AI capabilities in Microsoft 365 to further address the changing nature of work.

In addition, Microsoft will be delivering new open source technologies and developer tools in Azure and Windows (see above). Microsoft’s trusted, extensible cloud platforms – spanning infrastructure, data, AI and mixed reality, productivity and collaboration, business applications, and gaming – bring together a global collective of developers and technology capabilities toward creating breakthrough new experiences for organizations and individuals.

In his opening keynote, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella outlined the company vision and developer opportunity across Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Gaming: “As computing becomes embedded in every aspect of our lives, the choices developers make will define the world we live in.

“Microsoft is committed to providing developers with trusted tools and platforms spanning every layer of the modern technology stack to build magical experiences that create new opportunity for everyone.”