Microsoft acquires Movere to help with cloud migration

The multinational tech corporation, Microsoft, has recently announced it is acquiring Movere as a way to set up more companies on its Azure cloud service.

The start-up company, Movere, discover solutions that provide the insights and data needed to set up cloud migration. This helps with figuring out how data centre tools are being used by organisations and what the best option will be for a company’s move to the cloud.

Previously, the two companies were partners, but Microsoft has bought out Movere to benefit Azure customers and keep up with digital trends.

Movere’s clients include the American firms, McDonalds, AT&T and, IBM.

The importance of cloud for a business

“As cloud growth continues to unlock opportunities for our customers, cloud migration is increasingly important for business’s digital strategy… I am pleased to announce that Microsoft has acquired Movere, an innovative technology provider in the cloud migration space,” said Microsoft Azure Management partner director Jeremy Winter.

He continued: “We’re committed to providing our customers with a comprehensive experience for migrating existing applications and infrastructure to Azure, which include the right tools, processes, and programs. As part of that ongoing investment, we’re excited to welcome the leadership, talent, technology, and deep expertise Movere has built in enabling customers’ journey to the cloud over the last 11 years.”

Helping with migration

Microsoft hopes that the acquisition will help customers by being used alongside Azure Migrate to assist them in the move to the cloud, ultimately enabling easier digital transformations in businesses.

The global tech giant is still competing with companies like Amazon in the fight to provide the world’s biggest cloud company. Amazon’s Web Services (AWS) are currently the leader in this battle.

This said, Azure has commented that their profits grew 64% in the last quarter with sales at AWS growing by just 37%.

The terms of the deal between Microsoft and Movere have not been disclosed.