Micro Focus helps DevOps transitions

Micro Focus helps enterprises ease DevOps adoption to deliver higher quality software, quicker.

Ashish Kuthiala, senior director at Micro Focus, said to SD Times: “It’s easier to build an effective DevOps practice when you’re starting with a blank slate.

“It’s harder for enterprises to change the way they operate so they can implement DevOps efficiently. To do that, they have to choose the right team members and the right toolsets, and stitch those toolsets together.”

A lot of money and time has been spent by large enterprises on tools for specific purposes.

“It’s difficult for enterprises to pivot when they have a legacy culture and considerable complexity built into their existing toolchains and processes. It’s an iterative journey that takes time to understand and implement,” added Kuthalia.

In a bid for the code to automatically integrate with running tests automatically and infrastructure, Micro Focus built a set of automated gates.

Kuthiala continued to SD Times: “It’s really important to develop a culture that allows people to experiment. You have to allow people to fail fast, learn from it and keep moving forward.”

“There’s a lot of leadership change and encouragement that’s needed to make this work at an enterprise scale.

“Your first pipeline serves as a proof point and then you have the best practices in place to build successive pipelines. That’s how we’re scaling this up for our customers and ourselves.”

Written by Leah Alger