Micro Focus acquires Serena Software, Inc.

Micro Focus has completed its US$540 million acquisition of the leading provider in Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) software – a company called Serena Software Inc. based in San Francisco.

The purpose of the acquisition

The acquisition has gone through in order to help Micro Focus customers drive greater innovation faster, with lower risk. In terms of business demands, the acquisition will help to reliably deploy critical applications.

“Our customers continue to look at DevOps as a way to deploy critical applications and services quickly and with greater reliability to meet business demands,” said Stephen Murdoch, CEO, Micro Focus. “The Serena acquisition extends our ability to help customers meet these challenges so they can drive greater innovation faster with lower risk.”

How will the acquisition benefit customers?

Serena Software Inc., will add multiple capabilities to Micro Focus’s portfolio of ALM solutions, such as software application development, software configuration and change management, and business process management.

The combination of Micro Focus and Serena will allow companies to better:

  • Design and build business applications and services with greater accuracy, reliability and predictability.
  • Continuously deploy existing core business applications on a wider variety of platforms to meet changing business needs.
  • Improve the speed and efficiency of new business services through automated release and deployment solutions.

Adapted from press release by Jordan Platt