Mendix release updated version low-code platform

The software development company, Mendix, announces the release of an updated version of its low and no-code platform.

It’s hoped that the new platform, aimed at citizen developers and IT professionals alike, will enable users to collaborate with each other and build on their skills in businesses and projects.

The integrated development environment has been named Mendix Studio and Studio Pro.

Low and no-code application allows anybody to have access to software development, regardless of skill-set. It also encourages a quicker development process in the outcome of work.

“Developing our application on Mendix was about giving our customers the self-service access to their finances on every channel they use without having to write and maintain multiple code bases,” said Joost Landman, business architect at Rabobank.

The development of the app

Medix Assist has also been built into their update. This is a second-generation AI-enabled development tool that boasts 95% accuracy to improve software quality, whilst also streamlining professional developer productivity.

The progress in the algorithm for this app came from data taken from 5 million application models in 15 companies over 10 years.

Building a native mobile app

The company has also made the ability to foster a native mobile app using low code in a world first. The platform allows anyone without software training to develop apps for mobile devices.

Mendix is able to complete this expansion by incorporating low code ideas of iOS, Android, Java, and Objective-C programming into Mendix Studio Pro.

By enabling users to have this ability, Mendix hopes that it will drive innovation and give power to the workforce as well as increasing customer engagement.

The company wants to collaborate and develop skills in chatbots, native mobile, virtual reality, conversational apps, a range of augmented and virtual reality, and wearables.

How low code helps the professionals

Part of development in the software of this nature is to not just help with untrained citizens, but with those that work in IT too.

They claim that the benefit for trained software developers with version 2.0 is that they can quicken repetitive tasks and avoid errors.

“What Mendix is doing with AI-assisted development is where we see the future of low-code going. It’s not just about helping new developers, it’s another path to accelerating enterprise application delivery,” said Frank DeGeorge, CTO & partner at Impact Networking.

Mendix says that with IT professionals lacking the time, staff and recourses to deal with the growing demand for digital application, low code enables people of any knowledge to grow their own skillset in software development. Ultimately, helping to close the gap with technical and non-technical businesses and bring forth empowerment.

“With Mendix, we’re able to include people from across our organization in building the software we need. We’re not limited by siloes. Business users and professional developers collaborate on one platform to build the solutions we need,” said Steve Ledwith, vice president of engineeringeXp Realty.