Matheson develop new agile plan for employee empowerment

Irish law firm Matheson is introducing a new agile working plan that allows employees to be autonomous over their working hours and location.

The programme, which they are calling “Matheson Agile”, was figured out after looking into the IT-based agile style of working. Investment has been put into the scheme that lets workers use off-site, efficient and connected agile working.

Matheson says that substantial research, piloting, and consultation was needed to make the move. They also say that the aim of the project was to adapt to the changing needs of both their clients and employees.

Those who are qualified to fit into the new working practice are able to have flexible starting and finishing times as well as being able to work geographically from where they want. It’s hoped that this will reflect on the working ethic of the employees who will become empowered to work to the highest level and deliver the best service back to the clientele.

Flexibility and working

Managing partner at Matheson, Michael Jackson said: “We believe that excellence in client service is measured by reference to the quality and timeliness of advice. As a firm which operates in multi-disciplinary teams from six different offices globally, we recognise that not everyone needs to be in the same place, or even in the same time zone, to deliver that level of service.

“Our lawyers and senior business professionals value agile working arrangements, including the option of not having to travel to the office every day and the ability to work from different secure locations when possible. As a large Irish employer we are pleased to confirm our commitment to facilitating agile working and believe that it will enable us to deliver our people strategy of attracting, developing and retaining the top legal and professional services talent.”

“Not everybody works in the same way”

HR director at Matheson, Lorraine Roche, spoke positively about the new move. She said: “Recognising that not everybody works in the same way and to the same schedule is fundamental to achieving real workplace diversity – and in driving innovation and entrepreneurship.

“As part of Matheson’s commitment to empower diverse talent and inclusive teams delivering excellence in legal services at Matheson, the firm’s agile working programme is one of the demonstrable elements in delivering on its D&I commitment. Whilst some roles which require supervision and training will still need to be office-based, I am delighted to see the success of this programme already, with so many colleagues from our legal practice areas to our business services teams availing of it across the firm.”

She added: “We believe that Matheson Agile represents a leading and innovative approach in the Irish legal market. For us, agile working is a working philosophy rather than a rigid policy, which is based on accommodating working remotely, together with appropriate flexibility around start and finish times as and when required. In this way, it enables us to work in the same way that our clients work.”