Many organisations to switch to the cloud in the coming year

It was recently found out that many organizations are planning to eliminate the use of data centers in the next two years.

Indeed, a study by Aryaka reported that a quarter of IT leaders have closed up to 50% of their office sites while 75% have a quarter of their employees working remotely permanently post-pandemic. More than half of IT leaders are also expecting a rise in IT spending with growth in budgets.

Moreover, the wake of the pandemic has driven a significant shift to the cloud with applications being built and managed by IT teams working from home. There is then the implementation of a hybrid workforce that shifts between home and the office. As IT teams are working more remotely, they are planning on using a SASE-based approach over the course of the year in order to provide secure access to cloud applications over a software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN).

However, many IT leaders are concerned about IT cost as well as the newness of the technology they might employ.