Manchester United’s IT systems suffered a cyber attack

Last weekend, Manchester United was hit by a cyber-attack and is now working with Infosec pros in order to minimize the damage on its tech systems.


Following the attack, the club declared that it has taken the necessary measures to contain it and is currently working to find out the origin of the incident. It would seem that the attack was rather sophisticated and orchestrated by organized cybercriminals. However, the club is prepared for this eventuality, and their defenses allowed to identify the attack and shut down the affected system in order to protect the data.


Thus, the media channels are untouched by it and the club avoided any breach of personal data from fans and customers. All the systems associated with matches are secure and operational and the game took place as scheduled.


Although this time it seems that the worst was avoided, it was stated that some of the club IT systems might still be vulnerable to external or internal security breaches, viruses, or cyber-attacks.


Especially since the outbreak of COVID-19, various organizations have been at risk and there is a growing need to use technical countermeasures against phishing and malicious activities to prevent them. Moreover, there is a bigger requirement for security awareness among employees as well as adapting their information security behavior.