Major gaps in security strategies says report

Endpoint Security and SysScecOps: The Growing Trend to Build a More Secure Enterprise report by research analysis community, Futuriom SysSecOps, notifies major gaps in security strategies.

The report found that executive managers, IT staff and security operations need to work better together to create an integrated SysSecOps plan.

According to 71% of respondents more efficient and prioritised operations would help in time and resources; 37% of those believed that IT and security goals have previously prevented them from achieving goals.

65% of participants wanted better budget management across silos and 55% wanted improved protection of endpoints.

“A challenge in integration of many security tools is a major challenge of securing their endpoint environments,” said 33% of IT and security respondents, with 55% demanding better endpoints protection as a top security goal.

End users also believe that better integration between systems management and security operations tools are helpful approaches.

“The findings show that it’s not just about building better endpoint security technology, which is certainly needed, but it’s also about executive leadership of an integrated SysSecOps plan,” said Futuriom Founder and Principal Analyst, R Scott Raynovich.

This study was launched on 6 June 2017 and was carried out for over two months questioning 149 IT specialists, security operations and executive managers.

Written from press release by Leah Alger