LS telcom announces firms can ‘validate real world radio coverage’ with SpectrumMap

LS telcom announced firms can validate real world radio coverage for an area of interest with SpectrumMap, their new solution.

SpectrumMap, as a cloud-based big data system, gathers spectrum usage data from a monitoring network and presents the data on a map in a “fast, user-friendly way”.

The system gathers and stores spectrum data from an array of monitoring sources, such as: temporary sites, fixed sites, mobile, handheld and portable devices.

Measured and calculated spectrum coverage data can be visualised in by band, channel or service type. Key applications, which are available as web apps, include:

  • Field strength of single frequencies to bands, all user selectable
  • Coverage analysis of user selectable bands
  • Band occupancy
  • Spectrum use
  • Electromagnetic radiation hazard analysis
  • Dynamic band analysis where the display steps through user selectable frequency steps

SpectrumMap focuses on presenting the data in a geographical area, rather than needing to identify monitoring sites and individually calculate coverage of each site, in contrast to conventional control units of monitoring systems.

Manfred Lebherz, CEO of LS telcom, explained: “With SpectrumMap regulators can now for the first time base their licensing scheme on real world measured spectrum usage not just prediction.

“This is especially useful in urban areas, where spectrum is very densely used.

“We are sure that SpectrumMap will be indispensable for regulators with the introduction of 5G services, the Internet of Things (IoT) applications and connected objects.”

Written from press release by Leah Alger