Low-code and Cloud will be the priority in 2021

According to Forrester’s predictions, low-code and cloud will become essential in development projects in 2021. With the new work measures implemented due to the on-going crisis, more businesses will embrace low-code platforms, digital process automation, and collaborative work management in order to be more efficient and react faster to new developments.

The push towards low-code platforms is mainly due to the fact that they are becoming an easy way for non-tech organizations to build simple apps and programs that will address business pain points. Indeed, low-code platforms allow better and easier innovations, prototyping, and take the drudgery out of programming.

Moreover, with remote work, it is essential to adjust communication habits and workflows. Hence, there is an increased interest in agile practices and cloud platforms, so it is easier for IT teams to connect and grow in that environment.

However, working with low-code platforms might lead to a loss of the deep expertise and insight required to design applications and systems.

In 2021, the report also states that it will be necessary to adopt collaborative work management (CWM) practices, virtual war rooms, and metrics for shared purpose in order for organizations to be more efficient and react quickly. Implementing Low-code and cloud platforms will allow companies to regain the development speed they had before the pandemic and modernize their systems.