LogiGear drives the adoption of Sauce Labs and selenium

LogiGear is partnering with Sauce Labs to provide enterprises with the engine to drive the adoption of selenium into organisations.

In a bid to enable LogiGear’s ability to ease automation, continuous improvement and continuous delivery pain points, the partnership is bringing in selenium testing practices to help enterprises scale their web and mobile test automation programmes and DevOps transformations.

Manuel Ruiz, vice president of customer success at Sauce Labs, commented: ”With today’s incredible demands to release high-quality apps quickly, most organisations see tremendous value in the power of continuous testing that Sauce Labs delivers, but many lack the skills or resources to fully capitalise on it.

“By leveraging the highly specialised test automation expertise that partners like LogiGear bring to the market, our customers can greatly accelerate the pace of transformation and realise the full promise of continuous delivery and DevOps.”

LogiGear also helps enterprises maximise the ROI and drive the adoption of Sauce Labs and selenium testing practices, delivering complex test automation projects for more than two decades.

Written from press release by Leah Alger