Zenith platform announces new developments


The leading provider of client devices, servers and cloud VMS, Ziften, announced new developments on its Zenith platform, which detects threats, strengthens vulnerability assessment, and is a response in cloud VCMs.

According to the 2017 Cloud Adoption Survey by Evolve IP, a majority of security and IT professionals identify security as the main reason for moving applications to the cloud.

The cloud strategy company found many companies do not trust cloud hosting, due to lack of tools, difficulty maintaining security and visibility in data centres, data breaches, data loss, compromised credentials and Denial of Service (DoS).

Mario Vuksan, chief executive officer and founder of ReversingLabs, said: “Vulnerability and risk management of virtual systems running in the cloud is a critical component of effective systems and security operations programmes.

Ziften bolsters its threat detection and indicators of compromise (IOC) libraries for Linux operating system environments, and automations for threat response on Linux based systems.

“Due to the widespread use of Linux OS’s, systems management and security operations tools must support a wide range of capabilities for Linux based VMs including conducting detailed Linux vulnerability assessments. On Amazon AWS alone, according to EC2 Statistics, Linux operating systems account for more than 90% of all platform deployments,” Vuksan added.

Ziften also enables long-term forensics for threat investigations, even in dynamic cloud environments.

Written by Leah Alger